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23-Jan-2018 03:23

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Yes, a guy who looks like Drake’s long lost twin brother ran past me this morning, and now I have set myself the task of taking that same rout every morning at the same time, until I run into him again lol For those who might not know who I’m talking about, check out the body and handsome face on hunky Drake.

What would you do if you discovered this guy on your morning run?

I’m assuming that he’s some kind of reality TV celeb, that’s usually where I fall down when it comes to identifying hot guys showing off out there.

It seems other guys know who he is, but not me – I feel like I’m missing out.

The best thing is that he totally reminds me of one of the bodybuilders at my gym, a guy I’ve had a total crush on for more than a year now.

He knows it too, and he seems to enjoy that fact and likes to tease me lol Check out some of the stills from one of Joshua’s recent videos and make sure you go and check him out when you get the chance, he’s definitely one of the hottest cam guys out there in the world and well worth watching.

When I go on my occasional morning run (which I really need to do more often) I get to see at least a couple of guys showing off some bulge as they job past, usually in something incredibly tight or something loose and bouncing 🙂 It’s the same at the gym too, there’s always someone showing off some bulge, and usually someone in the locker room almost spilling out of something that looks far too small to house them appropriately lol Check out these hot guys bulge selfies, some being a little more obvious than others, but all deserving of some appreciation.

Back in November I shared some pics of a new guy over on the Cam With Him site, and after getting back on there today to have a little look around I thought you guys might want to see a little more of this handsome hunk and his hot body.

While I’m not that into selfies there are a hell of a lot of guys out there I would gladly join in their bathrooms 🙂 Check out these sexy guys showing off some flesh in their hot pics, I think you would probably all agree that the world is a better place with them sharing their sexy bods!

He’s a real muscle guy, only 19 but with a lot of determination and motivation.

He’s building a career for himself in fitness and modeling too, while being a competitor.

I know I’m not the only one who loves a good bulge on display.

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It doesn’t even need to be a big bulge, or an overflowing one, just a guy showing off some package in jeans or shorts of anything else.

He’s into being totally verbal and acting out themes and fetishes for his very special fans.